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Caged and Bound is where your dungeon and restraints desires are met. Here you can kit out your dungeon with the meanest of cages and the heaviest restraints. The cages and equipment are all built with strength in mind and they surpass any on the market in weight and security. Unlike most of my competitors who choose to use hollow bars, I opt to keep the cages and furniture heavy duty and always use reinforced solid steel. If you are looking for something special for your BDSM dungeon or playroom and you can't see it in our shop linked below why not contact us for a free no obligation quote. 

Caged & Bound


Torture Chamber

The Torture Chamber is our medieval range and is inspired by my love for medieval punishments. History has given us the best tools we have for BDSM now. BDSM is all about creating fear and providing punishment, and I wanted to recreate dungeon gear that would do just that. I had the idea of modifying the original devices used for punishment and making them for bondage use, so you can experience historical punishments in fun fetish way. All the items in my torture chamber are made to replicate the fearful items of the past and so made with a rustic feel to them. All products are handmade and bespoke items also available.

The Slave Within is where you can find your perfect bondage collar and cuff set. I make a range of Collars, Cuffs and Shackles to suit your fetish needs while offering a range of styles. All products are custom made and so measurements would have to be provided to create the perfect fit. I hand forge each and every cuff and collar I make and can provide different finishes to fit your taste. If there is a design you have in mind and you can't see it in our shop please get in contact and I can offer a free no obligation quote. 


The Slave Within

The Bondage Rack

Here I have my very own range of high quality BDSM equipment. There is a mixture of toys to suit all your needs from restraints to punishment implements. They are perfect for kitting out your BDSM Dungeon or for play at home. You can find many items here that have been inspired from the medieval era and have a rustic feel to them but I also make items with a more everyday S&M feel. In this gallery you may find products that are out there on the BDSM market but I like to make my own versions by making them a little more hardcore and heavy duty.


Our hidden in plain sight range is designed to open your eyes to the endless possibilities of fun you can have in your own home. Have you ever wanted your own dungeon in your house but can't because you are scared of what people may think? This range is all about making that happen without any unwanted consequences.  

The designs are all for BDSM play but are hidden to look like every day items. Just think of the excitement of knowing that your family and friends could be stood admiring your beautiful new bit of furniture completely oblivious to its true use.

You can smile knowing full well that when they have all gone home you can transform it for some bondage fun to get the heart racing. 

Hidden in Plain Sight

Eternally Bound

Eternally Bound is for the real committed bondage lovers. This is the next level of fetish equipment that brings new meaning to loyalty. This range is permanently hand forge directly on to you so there is no escape.

The permanent range is something I am very proud to offer. I was challenged to fit a solid 16mm stainless steel permanent cuff on a wrist without causing any harm to my client.  After much thought and head scratching I devised a tool that could protect the skin from the heated steel (1000 degrees Celsius) with only 50 seconds to hammer it shut and quench (cool down) the steel before the heat penetrated through to the skin. 

Over the years I have found a safer way to fit them that has much lower risk and this is what I offer now. Though the removal is still as dangerous making this experience only for the brave.

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